Robes and Garments is where I journal my encounters with fashion and lifestyle that I love. I created this blog to express and refine my personal style while also getting inspired from readers like you. Occasionally, I like to share my thoughts about street styles, red carpet, fashion trends and other beautiful things that I see. 

My goal is to post a couple of times per week. Right now, I have three main categories of post:
Worn Recently: this is where I journal my personal style
Coveting Now: this is where I talk about things I covet
Fashion Musings: this is where I share my thoughts about fashion

A little bit about me. I have worked as an auditor and a financial analyst -- a classic left-brain. As someone who appreciates beauty and aesthetics, I am attracted to fashion because I love how creative and inspiring the world of fashion is. Robes and Garments is the creative outlet of my right-brain passions. 

Currently, I am based in San Francisco Bay Area. I am truly blessed to have a patient and loving boyfriend who helps me take pictures with my iPhone 5.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you find some creative inspiration here. Drop by to say hello or share thoughts or comments. I’d love to hear from you! 


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