Dinner Date

Tank and Neoprene Skirt: Zara // Shawl (old), Furry Bag (old), Sunglasses (old): H&M // Jewelries: H&M, Forever 21 // Shoes: Audrey Brooke

For our Friday date night, I donned my neoprene skirt which I paired with a tank top and an oversize shawl to keep me warm. This is my first time wearing neoprene. I love its breathable texture and how it stays in shape. It does not wrinkle easily and it also has stretch which gives me room - especially after "all that" dinner :) I love the abstract floral pattern with hints of fiery orange colors which make it a fun day-to-evening outfit. I played with texture and wore my furry clutch. We had a delicious dinner! Hope you had a fun Friday night!


Grey Foggy Day

Sweater: Zara // Blouse, Trackpants, Faux Fur Stole (old), Bag: H&M // Floppy Hat: Target // Boots: Wanted // Bracelets, Rings, Earrings: H&M // Brooch: vintage

Yesterday, we escaped to our favorite spot, Crissy Field, for our late afternoon stroll. A former military base, Crissy Field today has a beautiful beach where you can get an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was foggy by the time we got there. I love how mystical fog feels -- very peaceful and serene. And what a coincidence, my grey outfit matches the color of the fog. For our 2.2 mile walk, I wore a comfortable outfit. I paired my sweatshirt with sweatpants and ankle boots. A highly recommended utility pairing. As a fun touch, I added a faux fur stole and a floppy hat for our mini afternoon date. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy an afternoon outing during the week. Had a great time.


Power Red

Blouse: Zara // Blazer, Bag and Sunnies: H&M // Faux Leather Track Pants: Nordstrom // Jewelries: Mango, Banana Republic, H&M, Forever 21

I hope you had a great and refreshing weekend! It's Monday and I am dressed up in power red to welcome the week. Feeling empowered to tackle the tasks ahead :-D I paired my red blazer with a magenta blouse. I absolutely love this faux leather trackpants from Nordstrom. It's on sale here! It has the right slouch. The elastic waistline is super comfy. The hemline is perfectly cuffed at the right length for ankle straps or heels. They say your outfit can make your day. It definitely does it for me :-) Cheers to a great week!


The Crop Top

 Crop Top, Midi Pleated Knit Skirt (old): Zara // Bolero, Clutch, Sunnies: H&M // Jewelries: H&M, Banana Republic // Shoes: Audrey Brooke

Crop top is back! It was an emerging trend last year. Seems like the Wolf of Wall Street is finally bringing this 80s trend back to life! Last night, I wore my crop top with a bolero -- "double crops" so to speak :-D I don't usually like to show too much skin -- one reason being I am very sensitive to temperature (yes, in spite of the mild Cali weather!). However, I think crop top is just perfect. It only shows just a tiny beet of midriff. I wore it with my pleated midi skirt which has an elastic waistband. This waistband saves the outfit because it gives me "room" right where I get cropped :-) I added some shiny silver baubles to balance out the all-black outfit. I wore this for a night out with my boyfriend. Hope you did something fun last night!


My Target x Peter Pilotto Wish List

So you've probably heard all the raves about Target x Pilotto collaboration. The lookbook was announced last week and I can't wait until February 9 when the collection will launch. Peter Pilotto is known for his beautiful bold graphic prints. I normally do not wear so many prints but I am excited to try some of his designs. It's time to spice up my wardrobe and add some fun graphics! I like to create a list of items that I have my eyes on. That way, I can focus on the things I want and edit as I touch and feel the clothes at the store. Gotta get this list out when I am on the hunt. Hope you could use some eye candy too :D


Going All In With Full Prints!! I selected these dresses because they offer a variety of silhouettes which would work for different occasions.  I can wear the shirtdress for casual daily wear. The halter neck dress would be fun to wear on my next beach vacation. I can go out dressed up in either the shift dress or the belted flared dress. 

-- THE TOP --

One can never have too many sweaters or sweatshirts. I love the hints of prints in the shoulders and arms. The prints are in the right spots without being overbearing. I especially love the mix of stripes, geometrics and abstract floral prints on the sweatshirt. Both of the sleeveless tops are fun pairs to my black midi pencil skirts or maybe circle skirt (which would be in my next wish list). And cropped top -- yes of course -- as a fairly new trend last Spring, it is increasingly getting traction these days.



It's all in the blazer and the cardigan. After all it's the first thing people see you in. I can pair these with so many items in my closet. And diagonal geometric prints plus colorblocking - needless to say -- I am sold!

I am so into cropped pants lately. I was hesitant at first but I love them now because I notice they show off your ankles. These cropped pants also have nice prints on the hem. They call attention to your heels -- which look flattering on cropped pants. Ahh -- high-waisted palazzo pants -- I have such a soft heart when it comes to these. I have one in black, one in grey and one in black and white polka dot. So, it's time to get one in bold prints. And -- a good statement asymmetrical skirt and a pencil skirt -- one trendy piece and one basic staple that I won't want to pass up on. 


You might've noticed I love sunnies! I have different colors and shapes. These prints would be a fun touch to any outfit! And sneakers are my latest obsession. I especially like the ones with a clean white sole. I also love slip-ons. With them, I don't have to worry about tying my shoe laces :-)

So this is it - my survival list for my Target hunt. I hope you have yours too :-)


Borrowing From The Boys

Silk Blouse, Tuxedo Pants, Bag, Sunnies: H&M // Shoes: Audrey Brooke // Jewelry: H&M, Banana Republic

As a child, I grew up as a tomboy. Over the course of time, I still have that tomboy side of me while  becoming increasingly attracted to ladylike stuff -- such as heels and skirts. I am so glad that the fashion world introduced the concept of "androgyny" or "borrowing from the boys". It means I get to be a tomboy again :) I just love the comfort and the effortlessness in tomboy dressing. While I like to dress up; truth be told, I often gravitate towards loose pants and oversize clothes :-D. Today, I am wearing my menswear-inspired blouse partly tucked into my tuxedo pants. This blouse is super long and loose -- which I love -- such a liberating outfit! These pants also have elastic waistband at the back -- which adds extra comfort. Adding some "ladylike" touches, I pair this outfit with cap toe heels and faux-snakeskin clutch. Man, I feel like a W-O-M-A-N in this outfit :-D


Sunny Burgundy Day

Coat (old), Tuxedo Pants, Scarf (old): H&M // Sweater, Bag: Zara // Jewelries: Banana Republic, H&M, Zara, Mango // Ankle Boots: Dolce Vita // Sunglasses: Kohl's (old)

Happy sunny MLK day! Some of you might have the lucky day off -- like me. Today, I am wearing my burgundy cocoon coat so I can chill and lounge around the day. This coat is another old fave of mine -- so roomy and cozy -- I must've worn it thousands of times. I always like burgundy and I just realize this morning I have so many of these colors in my closet! So, it wasn't so hard to color coordinate today :-D  Although it's sunny, it's a little breezy and chilly, so I am layering in my huge burgundy plaid scarf and a light burgundy sweater underneath it. I love this color. It was a big trend a couple of seasons ago - I hope it'll never go out of style. Have a great Monday! xoxo


Going Out Wearing Pajama

Pajama Top: Zara // Cardigan, Faux Leather Panel Pants, Metallic Pumps (old), Scarf (old), Bag: H&M // Jewelries: H&M, Banana Republic //// Photograph: David Klein, Swimwear Featured in Photograph: WildBeautifulClothing.com

I wore my pajama blouse to go out last night! Finally braving this trend - which as I understand it came a little overdue - but I just couldn't help it when I saw this beauty at Zara. This blouse is so silky that I could almost sleep in it too! I paired it with faux leather skinny pants and silver metallic pumps + bling bling baubles to amp it up for the night. And of course -- layers -- which are important when you live in San Francisco Bay Area. This chiffon tie dye scarf is an old favorite of mine. I tied it using one of Wendy Nguyen's 25 Ways to Wear Your Scarf. Great tips on scarf if you love scarves like me -- check out her YouTube Video here. We went to see a photography exhibit. I am showing above a favorite of mine -- a photograph by David Klein. I think it's clever to match the print with the background. In addition to being a photographer, he also designs this beautiful digitally printed swimwear. Check out his website here. Had a great time - I always love to discover local artists! Hope you had a great Friday night xoxo


Blue Pants Day

Silk Blouse / Sweater / Pants / Bag / Sunnies (old): H&M // Pumps: Audrey Brooke // Jewelry: Forever21, Banana Republic

It's Thursday and I am wearing my blue leopard print pants. You probably notice that I looove animal prints - leopard in particular. Click here for my other leopard outfit. P.S. I also have plenty others like zebra or cow which I will wear in my next postings. I particularly love these pants because the prints are embossed -- it gives a really nice texture -- and it's blue leopard!! This sweater is a favorite of mine. Love the knit and also the hi-lo hem -- which works just great when I wear my long blouses or ... perhaps when I want to show off my super awesome belt next time :-) Can't wait 'til Friday! Peace and love xoxoxo


Golden Globes Eye Candy

Like most of us, I swooned over the Golden Globes red carpet last Sunday. Like how could I miss it..! I am glad that some of my favorite shows were nominated ... for example Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Scandal, House of Cards... you can tell I am such a TV buff...!! But, more importantly, as a fashion aficionado, how could I not pay close attention to the red carpet fashion? (right?!) I know you are probably overwhelmed by best dressed lists, but I just can't pass up on sharing my faves from the show. And I also noticed some trends from the show... major thing -- maybe I'll need it when I walk the red carpet one day  :-D


A classic red carpet choice! I was immediately star struck by Cate Blanchett's Armani Prive dress. This makes me want to watch her movie -- Blue Jasmine -- which is set in San Francisco where I live!! Lizzie Caplain's Pucci dress is totally stunning. It screams Art Deco glamor which I absolutely love. Zoe Saldana -- I just looove her edgy style. And her Prabal Gurung dress -- it's so Zoe -- the floral embellishment, the angular bustier, the sheer asymmetrical hemlines -- love everything about 'em.


Hailing from Down Under, Margot Robie is the 'it girl' now with her role as Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend in "The Wolf of Wall Street". Her white Gucci dress is glamorous without trying too hard and I absolutely love her chignon -- so chic.  Michelle Dockery in Oscar de la Renta. The high - lo hem  - that's it! - that makes the dress! And Kerry Washington remains elegant when pregnant in her custom Balenciaga dress. It feels like Miss Olivia Pope comes alive in red carpet now...


The classic LBD - can't go wrong with these! Emma Roberts in Lanvin -- the neckline -- it's perfection. Also, I love how she pairs it with icy blue statement earrings -- they really pop without being overpowering. Jessica Chastain in Givenchy Haute Couture --- Hollywood Glamour -- don't you think she looks like the modern Rita Hayworth in Gilda. Allison Williams in McQueen. Love the top -- the black and white is a genius touch to a simple lbd.


Thanks to the ladies who bring bright colors to the red carpet! Lupita Nyong'o is so stunning with this long cape gown from Ralph Lauren. I fell in love immediately when I saw it. I really think she is rising to be the 'it' girl in the fashion world. And she's wearing orangy-red color -- which is THE trend now and something I want in my closet :-) Drew Barrymore - another one best dressed in maternity. Her Monique L'Huillier dress shows first signs of Spring which I cannot wait for. Sandra Bullock's rainbowy-cotton-candy colors in her Prabal Gurung dress gives me happy feelings. And Taylor Swift is donning an all grown-up ladylike gown by Carolina Herrera. I think she made an excellent choice...oh and I also love Magenta. That's it! Thanks for reading. I hope you like my little blurp on the Golden Globes red carpet fashion. xoxo


Happy Furry Monday

Faux Fur Coat (old), Midi Skirt, Blouse, Sunnies (old): H&M // Hat: Target // Jewelries: Banana Republic, H&M, Mango, Forever 21 // Bag: Old Navy // Shoes (old): Nine West

Donning my faux fur coat to welcome the week. Yes, I totally brave the mild cali winter weather with this huge chunky coat! I love my midi skirt - which I have worn before here. I think it's just the perfect length for me. I am also absolutely head over heels over the new rings I got from Forever 21. You see they are in my left hand and it says: L-O-V-E. It's a furry flurry Mon-Day for me :) Peace and Love! Hope you have a great week!
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