red dress, maxi dress, giraffe print

red dress, maxi dress, giraffe print

Tgif - kicking off the weekend with this maxi dress. I absolutely love the giraffe print in bold red+periwinkle blue colors. Very festive, loud, fun -- and appropriate to end the week. It'll be sunny with occasional gust of wind; hence, hair tucked inside the scarf. I am so ready to ramble now - Have a great weekend!

Dress and Clutch: H&M // Sunglasses: Just Cavalli // Scarf and Shoes: Old Navy // Jewelry: H&M, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren


Black and White

Keeping it simple today, I dress in black and white to welcome the short week. I like to keep things simple and minimal when possible. (Or if not, I will go way maximal. It's usually one way or the other)

For today, I am loving this simple white boxy top from Gap's Rebekka Bay spring/summer collection. I keep it sleek with a pair of faux leather pants from H&M. And of course a pair of Birky-inspired sandals. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Top: Gap // Pants: H&M // Sunglasses: Just Cavalli // Accessories: Forever 21, H&M, Ralph Lauren // Shoes and Clutch: H&M


Watched Out

Although I mainly use my iphone to look at the time, I figure that it's about time I get a watch. It's so much easier to take a quick glance on my wrist versus having to pull out my phone. Plus, it also works as accessories. I am looking at black watches. Do you have a favorite here?

 1. Marc Jacobs // 2. Karl Lagerfeld // 3. Timex // 4. Ole Mathiesen // 5. Swatch // 6. Michael Kors


Home Gaia Repossi Style

I first saw Gaia Repossi's Parisian apartment at LeFashion. Although it was originally published in Vogue Russia last year, I fell in love with it and I had to share it. The chevron hardwood floor definitely won me over. I also love the light and airiness of the space. Just like like her jewelry, Gaia's apartment is all about quality over quantity. There are only several but well-curated statement large furniture pieces. They fill the space with just the right amount of drama minus the clutter. I also love how Gaia left her bookshelf sparsely filled and that little gold rolling ladder is such an elegant accent. I wouldn't mind those Repossi rings either. I can stay here all - day - long. I hope you enjoy this apartment as much as I do.



Going tribal - maximal with bold prints and colors. This vintage skirt is my favorite. I scored it for $4 at a thrift shop few years ago. I feel in love with it when I saw the beautiful prints. With this outfit, I should be vacay-ing somewhere exotic now. But, luckily, it's tgit - thank god it's thursday.

Top: Anthropologie // Skirt: Vintage // Sandals (old): Gap // Bag (old): H&M // Sunglasses (old): Kohl's // Jewelry: H&M, Bass Pro, Forever 21



Uniqlo Ines de la Fressange, Black Dress, Black Outfit

All black today with hints of silver. Staying cool in this linen black dress. Keeping it all basic and simple with my Birkenstock-y sandals. I have to say - nothing beats dressing in comfort. Happy hump day.

Dress: Uniqlo's Ines de la Fressange Collection // Sunglasses: Just Cavalli // Bag and Shoes: H&M // Jewelry: H&M, Forever 21 and Ralph Lauren


Noir & Blanc

Powering through Monday with my noir and blanc ensemble. I am wearing my favorite sweater (love the bubble sleeve details, worn here before) with my high-waisted drapey wide leg trousers. Love how dramatic these pants are. I wear my power loafers instead of heels. I love heels but I love flats better, just like I love skirts but I love pants more. Happy Monday.

Sweater and Wide Leg Trousers (old): H&M // Sunglasses: Just Cavalli // Shoes: Zara // Clutch: H&M // Jewelry: Forever 21, H&M, Ralph Lauren


Christophe Lemaire

Christophe Lemaire is a master of sophistication. I love his take on French minimalism. His Spring/Summer 2014 collection is quiet yet impactful. The designs are mainly light and airy and are made of cotton. I love how he plays with balance and proportion with such a simple fabric. They are clean, functional, effortless yet luxurious. Christophe says: "I want… fashion that accompanies the personality ... Allowing freedom of movement and gesture, [the] clothes [should] allow a woman to be herself." His designs prove exactly that. Here are some of my favorites.



Dress: H&M // Clutch and Shoes: Zara // Sunglasses: Just Cavalli // Jewelry: Banana Republic, H&M, Forever 21

Happy Tuesday. As a cheery tribute to my cheery mood, I am wearing this bright green pleated dress. I pair it with my equally bright orange clutch for a colorblock effect. I highly recommend this dress which is a part of the current H&M and Gisele Bundchen collection. Love the pleated details and the lettuce hemline. It also does not wrinkle. Here's to a bright cheery wrinkle-free day.



I am so honored to be featured on SF Chronicle Style section along with other San Francisco bloggers @aimeerancer and @alexaeyes. SF Chronicle hosts a local fashion contest where bloggers can hashtag their outfit #sfstyle and win to be selected and featured on the paper. The winner gets a $500 shopping and styling spree with Maghan McDowell of SF Chronicle Style. Check out the SF Chronicle article for more details. Have fun with this #SFStyle contest!
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