Gold Country

This past weekend was my birthday and we took a short trip to the Gold Country. It's a charming historical place where the Californian Gold Rush happened in the late 19th century. We visited the southern part of the Gold Country and explored Jamestown, Coulmbia, Sonora, Murphys and Angels Camp.

Our first stop was The Movie Railroad in Jamestown where we took the 100+year old steam train from Sierra Railway. It was a fun ride especially when the train made its tooting noise signaling its departure and arrival. Very nostalgic. This particular train, Sierra Railway 3, has been used in many movie sets such the first talkie "The Virginian", "Little House on the Prairie" and "Back to the Future III".

Throughout the many historical towns, we saw charming historical buildings like these ones below.

We also spent quite a bit of time in Columbia. We love the Columbia State Historic Park where we enjoyed strolling the historic town. We absolutely love how the authentic buildings are beautifully restored and preserved. No cars are allowed in the street and the shop owners wear period clothes. This is the way to relive the Gold Rush experience.

We also love the beautiful period shop signs. By the way, Ebler's leather and saddlery has really great quality leather outfits if you are a leather fan.

Here is the interior of sample shops that the park recreated from the Gold Rush era.

And here's me taking the last selfies before we were on the way out. I wore my Western-inspired outfit for a little bit of that 'rugged' look for the Gold Country (minus the cowboy boots...)

Jacket: Max Studio // Tunic: Zara // Legging Jeans: Gap 1969 // Bag: Steve Madden // Jewelry and Sunglasses: H&M // Boots: Crown Vintage

Thank you for reading. I'd recommend visiting the Gold Country if you haven't yet. We had a great time and we'd love to come back here for our next trip.


  1. It reminds me somewhat of historical St. Charles, Missouri. I love to visit such places. I really love seeing up close the buildings and streets where historical figures one visited or resided. It is wonderful to be able to visit places first learned of in history classes. Great to see some of the sites you visited and the train. I can tell through reading this post that you appreciate the history of the places you visited and that you had a terrific time while there. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Hi Sharon yes absolutely, I appreciate the history of places that I visit. It is really interesting to learn what came before us. In my opinion, the train and Columbia are the highlights of our trip. I would love to visit St Charles one day. It sounds like an interesting place. Thank you for sharing and for leaving really thougtful comments. Much appreciated.


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