Power Red

Blouse: Zara // Blazer, Bag and Sunnies: H&M // Faux Leather Track Pants: Nordstrom // Jewelries: Mango, Banana Republic, H&M, Forever 21

I hope you had a great and refreshing weekend! It's Monday and I am dressed up in power red to welcome the week. Feeling empowered to tackle the tasks ahead :-D I paired my red blazer with a magenta blouse. I absolutely love this faux leather trackpants from Nordstrom. It's on sale here! It has the right slouch. The elastic waistline is super comfy. The hemline is perfectly cuffed at the right length for ankle straps or heels. They say your outfit can make your day. It definitely does it for me :-) Cheers to a great week!

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