My Target x Peter Pilotto Wish List

So you've probably heard all the raves about Target x Pilotto collaboration. The lookbook was announced last week and I can't wait until February 9 when the collection will launch. Peter Pilotto is known for his beautiful bold graphic prints. I normally do not wear so many prints but I am excited to try some of his designs. It's time to spice up my wardrobe and add some fun graphics! I like to create a list of items that I have my eyes on. That way, I can focus on the things I want and edit as I touch and feel the clothes at the store. Gotta get this list out when I am on the hunt. Hope you could use some eye candy too :D


Going All In With Full Prints!! I selected these dresses because they offer a variety of silhouettes which would work for different occasions.  I can wear the shirtdress for casual daily wear. The halter neck dress would be fun to wear on my next beach vacation. I can go out dressed up in either the shift dress or the belted flared dress. 

-- THE TOP --

One can never have too many sweaters or sweatshirts. I love the hints of prints in the shoulders and arms. The prints are in the right spots without being overbearing. I especially love the mix of stripes, geometrics and abstract floral prints on the sweatshirt. Both of the sleeveless tops are fun pairs to my black midi pencil skirts or maybe circle skirt (which would be in my next wish list). And cropped top -- yes of course -- as a fairly new trend last Spring, it is increasingly getting traction these days.



It's all in the blazer and the cardigan. After all it's the first thing people see you in. I can pair these with so many items in my closet. And diagonal geometric prints plus colorblocking - needless to say -- I am sold!

I am so into cropped pants lately. I was hesitant at first but I love them now because I notice they show off your ankles. These cropped pants also have nice prints on the hem. They call attention to your heels -- which look flattering on cropped pants. Ahh -- high-waisted palazzo pants -- I have such a soft heart when it comes to these. I have one in black, one in grey and one in black and white polka dot. So, it's time to get one in bold prints. And -- a good statement asymmetrical skirt and a pencil skirt -- one trendy piece and one basic staple that I won't want to pass up on. 


You might've noticed I love sunnies! I have different colors and shapes. These prints would be a fun touch to any outfit! And sneakers are my latest obsession. I especially like the ones with a clean white sole. I also love slip-ons. With them, I don't have to worry about tying my shoe laces :-)

So this is it - my survival list for my Target hunt. I hope you have yours too :-)

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