Thigh High

-------- HOW TO WEAR THE THIGH HIGH --------

-------- FIND ME MY THIGH HIGH  --------
[shaft height included below]

I have been obsessed with thigh high boots for quite sometimes. It's such a classic timeless piece. They are always on the runway and I also know that I have all the pieces that "they" say I should wear with my thigh high boots. However, being a 5'10" means I really need tall boots so that they cover all the way up to my knee...."Wear it like you mean it!" Yet, so far, I found a trick and managed to wear my riding boots with OTK socks....My knee is 21" in height so that's the minimum shaft that will do it for me. So, I have been poring over sites and painstakingly looking at the shaft heights - critical information if I want real thigh high boots! Here are some that I found. Now, time to decide which ones to get. I hope you find this short list helpful, especially if you're tall like me. Let me know if you see any other tall thigh high boots :)

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