V for Valentine

Dress: Banana Republic // Bag and Sunnies: H&M // Double Drop Necklace: Gazel.com // Earrings and Bracelet: Forever 21 // Knot Ring: Banana Republic

In the spirit of Valentine, I am wearing pink to our dinner date. We are going Italian. We have a late dinner reservation so that's why I can blog about it before we leave for the restaurant :) Looking back at my Valentine's wish list, I got my gourmet chocolates although they are not exactly pink and champagne truffle. I got my dozen red roses instead of pink which are prominently displayed right next to me now. I guess there's a reason it's called wish list -- you don't get exactly every single item on it:-) However, I am happy and feel so terribly loved on this day ;-) I think I might still order bubbly pink moscato at the restaurant though. Happy Valentine's Day!

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